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Origin Forward Picks Trisys ASP

As the Origin Forward brand continues to move from strength to strength in our market, today we are pleased to announce that we have purchased a new recruitment software package developed by Trisys.

The team here at Origin are pleased to begin our relationship with Trisys who are a market leading CRM software development company. The decision to choose Trisys was not an easy one as the recruitment software market happens to be very competitive with a number of players all offering a product which in essence does the same thing. However after trying and sitting through demonstrations of over 10 separate recruitment software products sometimes trialling some systems even twice we felt Trisys was overall the best package in the market and the right company for Origin Forward to partner with.

Why Trisys?

Firstly, the ease of use of the package is unbelievable, it has a highly intuitive GUI, which is very user-friendly and the benefit of this is that it will enable new consultants with recruitment experience to come in to our organisation and use the system almost instantly and will therefore be able to hit the ground running.

Trisys Db also offers excellent searching facilities (Boolean Search); the system tracks all productivity;  is fully integrated with outlook; people records are fully customisable; integrates well with VOIP solutions; offers middle-office and back-office integration; excellent reporting facilities and when the sales representative  left us with the system on our own to trial it out it allowed us to get used to how the system worked.

When we look back a lot of the other systems offered everything I mentioned above as well but our conclusion was they didn’t work as well and overall package and feel of their competitors seemed to be missing something.

Our view is that Trisys is an absolutely fantastic product and we are surprised that we had not heard of them before we began our search. It must be one of the recruitment industry’s best kept secrets. We have chosen to go with the SaaS solution to maintain efficiency and allow us to upscale and/or downscale depending on the needs of the business. We are looking forward to the increased productivity the system is guaranteed to bring as well and the abundance of reporting information which will allow us to make better informed business decisions.

A word of advice to other recruitment organisations seeking to buy software before you start trialling new recruitment software databases, first you must know and have a clearly defined process of how recruitment works within your business and how your consultants work.

The last thing you want is to pick a system that doesn’t work the way your consultants work and then you’re faced with the problem of having to change your recruitment methods to get the best out of the system which can also have the effect of slowing your consultants down. This could have the effect of consultants boycotting your system, which can lead to conversations not being logged or e-mails not being saved and overall a poorer service to your candidates and clients. I think this is a key point as your recruitment methods are what set you apart from your competition.

We’re looking forward to rolling out Trisys across the organisation. Next on the agenda is moving to more spacious offices.

Oracle Retail Market Recovery

Most contractors will tell you that in the past 12 months the contract market has taken a battering. As end clients have down-sized their teams or delayed projects this has recently led to a temporary excess in talent in the market which has had the knock-on effect of driving down rates for contractors by as much as 33%.

Well the good news is that the worst days seem to be behind us. That is if we are to believe this recession is a “V” type recession and not a “W” type recession.

According to Apsco, Association of Professional Staffing Companies, The US staffing market will resume growth by 2010, following an unprecedented 26% fall in turnover in a single year (from a turnover of $126 billion in 2008 to $93 billion in 2009). However, the long term outlook for the US staffing industry is highly positive, APSCo delegates were told, with growth of 18.9% forecast from 2006-16, significantly above the average growth rate of 10.4% for all sectors of the economy.

Combine the above press release with the research in the UK from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) whom found “marginal increases” in appointments in August. Things are looking positive for professional jobseekers across the globe. However, before contractors go and add 50% to your current daily rate and jump back into the job market pleading your worth. The research also added that it was too early to say whether the encouraging figures signalled an end to the recession.

The good news is that with France, Germany and Japan recently officially announcing the end to their recessions. There is a definite feeling that employers are beginning to have more confidence in their hiring plans and committing to their recruitment and growth plans. In the UK for example, Britain’s employers are reporting improved recruitment plans for the first time in three years, offering a “glimmer of hope” to jobseekers that next year promises to be a good year for contractors.

Also at Origin Forward our recruitment team has seen a 33% increase in job orders in the past month alone in the Oracle Retail global market. With opportunities arising in both the permanent and contract markets in countries across the globe from the UAE, United States, Netherlands, South Africa, India, Australia, China as well as the UK and Ireland.

The global recession has effected the Oracle Retail market hugely in the past 12 months. The Oracle Retail product is such a niche product with a limited amount of professionals and it is quite common for professionals in this market to work and bounce between continents from one project to the next.

However the past 12 months(2008/2009) have been slow in comparison to 2006 and we have seen a number of seasoned professionals move from the contract market after failing to secure a new contract to permanent roles for the security of permanent work in these uncertain times.

Also 2009 has also seen key system integrators who were or have been key players in the Oracle Retail market over the past 5 or so years, who were capable of delivering a complete Oracle Retail solution, completly downsizing their Oracle Retail practice and personnel. This has paved the way in the past year for smaller boutique consultancies offering specialisms in specific modules only and new larger consultancies entering the market who have not previously delivered Oracle Retail projects. It will definately be an interesting Oracle Retail climate next year and I envisage alot more partnerships between Primary System Integrators and smaller boutique consultancies who have the expertise and experience.

The bottom line is with the economy looking odds on for a recovery projects can go ahead, employers can begin to recruit with confidence and contractors who are not in the niche areas of Oracle Retail and Oracle eBusiness in general can also look forward to a return to post recession rates.

Also employers who converted contractors to permanent staff may face a battle to keep on to their staff as more opportunities arise in the market and their staff begin to get itchy feet knowing they could be earning twice as much in a contract role.

Lets hope 2010 is a good year.

Recruitment Cartels

Recruitment Cartels

The story which caught the eye of the Origin office last week was that of the Office of Fair Trading fining 6 recruitment companies a combined total of £39.27 million for price-fixing. With leading recruitment organisation Hays being fined a staggering amount of £30,359,129 for its part in the cartel.

The companies had formed a group called “The Construction Recruitment Forum” after  Parc UK, who were operating a managed service on behalf of a client, had placed downward pressure on the allied recruiters’ margins.

To think the result is a fine in this region, serves as a warning for other recruitment companies who are looking to artificially keep prices high.

However, we can’t help thinking that this fine seems a little over excessive and the fact that 2 of the 8 recruitment companies got off completely scott free for giving information against their own cartel beggars disbelief especially when you take in to account the recruitment companies that revealed the activities of the cartel were actually the worst offenders in the cartel and would’ve been fined more than the £30 million Hays were fined.

The crazy world we live in. To be honest we cannot see why Parc needed the other recruitment companies in the first place, if those companies chose not to work with Parc then Parc should have filled their vacancies without them.

A recruitment company has the choice to work with the clients they want to work with and not work with the companies they do not want to work with. If a particular client does not want to pay for the service you are delivering then you both have the option of walking away or doing business.

What surprises me is that Parc can offer a managed service solution but not have the manpower or expertise to deliver on their solution and needed the help of external parties. We are however commenting with the limited facts we have available  so as is often the case the information released is not the full picture.

Price-Fixing however is an unforgivable business act, which distorts competition and always results in the end customer losing out. The outcome of this episode is a lose lose situation for all parties involved, the recruitment companies, the managed service provider, the end client and the candidates who didn’t get the opportunity which isn’t exactly what our industry needs now or ever.

Which brings us to our last point, even though this all happened in the construction industry, don’t you wonder if something similar could be going on in the IT industry?

We’re under the same pricing pressures and providing a similar service. Lets hope not and if there were after the fines seen in last weeks incident they probably broke up their cartels rather quickly.

Lastly, a note to the accountant at Hays who has got the unenviable take of balancing their books.

Origin Forward Blog – The Beginning

Welcome to The Origin Forward Solutions Blog.

Origin Forward Solutions is a recruitment company specialising in the recruitment of Oracle Professionals worldwide. This blog is created with a number of aims but mainly to keep Oracle Professionals, Oracle Employers, Recruitment Professionals (of all disciplines), HR and Industry experts up to date on the recruitment world today.

(1) Candidates –  We aim to offer advice and information on a range of subjects such as Job Hunting, Interview Techniques, Salary Surveys, Career Advice, Headhunting and anything else that effects a modern day professional in the Oracle market.

(2) Employers – Our aim is to offer advice and information on Corporate Branding, Recruitment Strategies, Keeping your best staff, Salary Surveys, How to market your company? etc.

(3) Recruitment Professionals –  We know the market we work in and we understand that recruiters today are seen more as a necessary evil rather than professionals offering a service solution that our clients need. We hope to strike up debates such as the effect of social media on the recruitment market, why some contractors resent recruitment consultants?, How we can improve the service we deliver to the professionals we represent and the employers we provide a service to? Down To more mundane topics such how to plan your day. Basically all matters relating to recruitment consultants and the recruitment world we work in.

(4) Industry Experts –  We hope to offer updates on whats currently happening in the current market and the implications of the current goings on, we’ll also keep you updated on the latest at Origin Forward and news and reviews of the events we go to both industry and recruitment.

I hope you enjoy this blog our aim is to add value to the industries we work in. Everyone here at Origin reads blogs and we’ll be linking to stories we’ve seen in the blogging media as well as the traditional media.

Stay with Us.

From the marketing team @ Origin Forward Solutions

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Origin Forward Solutions is leading Oracle recruitment company. We resource Oracle ERP and Oracle Business Intelligence professionals for projects across the world. This blog is to give an insight into the recruitment world, the oracle market and any other factor that impacts the prior. Enjoy reading the blog and don't be shy to leave comments

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