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Origin Forward Picks Trisys ASP

As the Origin Forward brand continues to move from strength to strength in our market, today we are pleased to announce that we have purchased a new recruitment software package developed by Trisys.

The team here at Origin are pleased to begin our relationship with Trisys who are a market leading CRM software development company. The decision to choose Trisys was not an easy one as the recruitment software market happens to be very competitive with a number of players all offering a product which in essence does the same thing. However after trying and sitting through demonstrations of over 10 separate recruitment software products sometimes trialling some systems even twice we felt Trisys was overall the best package in the market and the right company for Origin Forward to partner with.

Why Trisys?

Firstly, the ease of use of the package is unbelievable, it has a highly intuitive GUI, which is very user-friendly and the benefit of this is that it will enable new consultants with recruitment experience to come in to our organisation and use the system almost instantly and will therefore be able to hit the ground running.

Trisys Db also offers excellent searching facilities (Boolean Search); the system tracks all productivity;  is fully integrated with outlook; people records are fully customisable; integrates well with VOIP solutions; offers middle-office and back-office integration; excellent reporting facilities and when the sales representative  left us with the system on our own to trial it out it allowed us to get used to how the system worked.

When we look back a lot of the other systems offered everything I mentioned above as well but our conclusion was they didn’t work as well and overall package and feel of their competitors seemed to be missing something.

Our view is that Trisys is an absolutely fantastic product and we are surprised that we had not heard of them before we began our search. It must be one of the recruitment industry’s best kept secrets. We have chosen to go with the SaaS solution to maintain efficiency and allow us to upscale and/or downscale depending on the needs of the business. We are looking forward to the increased productivity the system is guaranteed to bring as well and the abundance of reporting information which will allow us to make better informed business decisions.

A word of advice to other recruitment organisations seeking to buy software before you start trialling new recruitment software databases, first you must know and have a clearly defined process of how recruitment works within your business and how your consultants work.

The last thing you want is to pick a system that doesn’t work the way your consultants work and then you’re faced with the problem of having to change your recruitment methods to get the best out of the system which can also have the effect of slowing your consultants down. This could have the effect of consultants boycotting your system, which can lead to conversations not being logged or e-mails not being saved and overall a poorer service to your candidates and clients. I think this is a key point as your recruitment methods are what set you apart from your competition.

We’re looking forward to rolling out Trisys across the organisation. Next on the agenda is moving to more spacious offices.

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