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How to work with your Recruiter!

It’s widely reported that the employment market on the whole is on the increase. The UK is now officially out of recession 6 months behind the French and German markets and also job opportunities are on the increase for the 6th month in a row across all of Europe.

In the Oracle market non critical projects and fresh implementations, upgrade and customisation projects will be on the rise and we also have the emerging markets rising rapidly to give an overall more competitive market place with greater opportunities across the globe.

So what has the last 12 months been like?

I personally know candidates who have not had one opportunity over the past 12 months and that is through no fault of their own but the conditions of the market they were looking for an opportunity in. I have also spoken to plenty of professionals who have told me they have sent CVs to 100’s of job advertisements that they had all the skills and previous implementation experience to do and have not even had the courtesy of a reply to their application let alone a telephone call. In addition when they have phoned the recruiter who advertised the job they could not get hold of them and never get their telephone calls returned.

So what can be done about this?

Firstly, I always state to job seekers and contractors that they first have to understand what a recruiter’s job is like. Let’s forget about the bad recruiters this relates to good recruiters. A recruiter has to spend the majority of his time identifying new opportunities to present to his candidates, he also has to meet his clients to be able best represent his clients to those candidates, a good recruiter is also likely to have a large number of contractors on their books and they have to manage all the issues that each contractor faces, then when they have an opportunity from their client, that recruiter will have to find a candidate for this opportunity before his competitors do, as most of the time recruiters work on a contingency basis. This creates a job which is very fast paced in order to work faster than your competitors and is highly pressurised as there is no second prize. A recruiter will also be doing this with multiple opportunities simultaneously and at the same time seeking new business for all the applicants that sent their CVs in for their previous position. A recruiter will then have to interview his candidates as a primary screen, reference check every candidate, then they will have to manage the negotiation process and on top of that get back to every single candidate that is not relevant to a role as well as meet corporate activity targets. The bottom line is though that a recruiters worth is valued on the business they bring in to their company not their customer service and consultant skills. This is why a lot of the time getting back to unsuitable candidates who are not relevant to a job comes very low down on their list of priorities.

Once you come to terms with the above you have to think to yourself how can I make the recruiters life easier and how can I be more relevant to their opportunities.

You have to think how can I make it easier for the recruiter in every stage in the process of finding a job?  I think every person who is actively looking for a job opportunity in the Oracle market or elsewhere should be thinking about the below questions.

How can I make it easier to work with me?

How can I make it easier for the recruiter to find me a job?

How can I make myself stand out from the other candidates with similar skills?

What do I want from my recruiter?

What does my recruiter want from me?

So what do you do?

1)      Make a fantastic CV – Skills clearly displayed, core module strengths easy to identify, secondary modules identified, Industry sectors easy to identify, types of projects explained, bullet points rather than long sentences, achievements, qualifications. We will go deeper into this in a separate topic.

2)      Find a recruiter that knows your market – a specialist recruiter is likely to offer more in terms of advice and knowledge then a generalist recruiter. They’ll also have similar opportunities on a regular basis.

3)      Know what you want – It is very easy to have an attitude that you will take anything just find me a job. But this can waste valuable time further down the line when your recruiter presents you with an opportunity which you do not want when previously you said you would do anything. As a minimum you should know what location(s) you are willing to work in, what salary (rate) you are looking for, what types of position(s) you are looking for. If you don’t know what you want, how can anyone help you?

4)      Be Honest – Don’t lie about your work history, salary, job search, previous interviews or personal background. Honesty is essential in building this relationship. If you have any perceived issues, please divulge them up front so the recruiter can assist in addressing diffusing them.

5)      Keep an Open Line of Communication – Recruiters typically see hundreds of CVs a day and speak to a multitude of candidates a day about multiple opportunities. Being patient, positive, and persistent will help you tremendously in your job search. Also when finishing a call make sure there is some sort of action plan or time for a return call otherwise you do not know where you stand. Also let your recruiter know what the best time is to get in touch with you and vice versa.

If you do all of the above then the minimum amount of time will be wasted and your recruiter will appreciate it. Furthermore it will give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your recruiter which is key and once you do this anytime a relevant opportunity arises your recruiter is likely to think of you first and work harder to get an opportunity for you.

Understanding each other is fundamental.

Understand what a recruiter can do for you – Offer advice interview technique, tips on tailoring your CV, knowledge on current market conditions, who you competition for positions are etc.

Understand what a recruiter cannot do for you – Find a position out of thin air

Remember the bottom line is if a recruiter can find you a job he will because that’s when he gets paid, so you’re both on the same team.

Wish you the best of luck looking for your next opportunity and if you’re an Oracle professional looking or thinking about looking for an opportunity don’t forget to send in your CV to:

Origin Forward Solutions join The Employment Agents Movement, TEAM!

Here at Origin Forwards Solutions we are pleased to announce that we have recently joined the The Employment Agents Movement aka TEAM. I am personally delighted to become a part of this network and think by joining this network Origin can improve the service we deliver to both our candidates and clients by tapping into a network of recruitment companies who are experts in fields outside the Oracle arena.

So what is TEAM?

Well TEAM is the largest independent networked group of recruitment and employment service providers in theUK.With TEAM, a business gains all the advantages synonymous with a local agency whilst also benefiting from a substantial support network. TEAM has over 300 branch locations across the UK with a combine 1 billion turnover with an estimated 26,500 placements across the UK last year.

The Benefits for our Clients and Candidates

So whats the benefit to you?

Well a large number of the candidates we speak to do not just specialise in Oracle technologies, they move between technologies and types of positions.

So for example candidate A may be an excellent Oracle Retail Business Analyst or Project Manager but they may also be equally adept working with SAP IS Retail or another technology. In the past we would only be able to help candidate A find a job in the Oracle market, however now via the TEAM network we will now be able to refer candidate A for opportunities in the SAP market as well via the SAP specialists who are also partners with TEAM.

Also being a partner of TEAM can benefit our clients. We have established with relationships with clients who are used to our service and like the way Origin work, however we have only been able to add value to their Oracle recruitment processes. We have received opportunities to recruit for in the past which we have had to politely turn down as we do not have the expertise and would make our service to general.

Now we will be able to assist our clients on opportunities outside the Oracle area via the TEAM network meaning our client can still maintain their relationship with ourselves but know they will still be receiving the same specialist service. At the same Origin will not be diluting our Oracle Specialism.

Win Win Situation isn’t it?

Lastly TEAM has recently expanded their network to include the NPA which is the worldwide recruitment network.

The NPA is an international, member-owned recruiting network facilitating cooperative, partnership recruitment between its members. In 2008, NPA members shared over US$9 million in split-fee revenue. Founded in 1956, NPA has 420 member offices with more than 1,500 individual consultants in 25 countries on 6 continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas).

As Origin Forward Solutions make placements globally from Australia to the Middle-East and Nigeria to North America we will be able to benefit from local knowledge expertise via our NPA members allowing us to provide a more thorough service to our global clients.

I’m very excited to begin this relationship and hopefully it will enable us to provide a better service to all our candidates and clients.

Watch this space.


Origin Forward Solutions

Oracle Retail Solutions Architect – RMS, RPM – Australia

Oracle Retail Merchandising is the market leading integrated merchandising solution for retailers of all sizes. This solution enables many of the best retailers in the world to better manage, control and perform crucial day-to-day merchandising activities with ease. From new product introduction to financial inventory valuation, Oracle Retail Merchandising provides retailers with a complete end-to-end solution and is the most comprehensive and integrated solution for global retailing.

Oracle Retail Merchandising System is part of Oracle Retail’s Merchandise Operations Management solution group

Origin Forwards is happy to present an opportunity in a beautiful part of the world, a place well known for their surfers, 6ft Blondes, love of a drink, kangaroos and generally open culture, the place where no body grows old, Australia.

Our requirement is for a Solutions Architect with extensive knowledge and experience of core Oracle Retail systems inparticular modules areas RMS (Oracle Retail Merchandising Systems) and RPM (Oracle Retail Price Management).

The position is offering a competitive daily rate and the end client will be seeking someone to begin on this project in 2010 for a confirmed 6 month engagement.

To find out more about this opportunity in terms of the scale of the project, where the project is, city location, exact rate and other interesting details please get in touch. If possible  can you send your CV first and then follow that up with a phone call or just give me call.

So to round all this up:

Oracle Retail Solutions Architect – RMS & RPM – Australia – Contract – Competitive Rates – Janauary 2010 Start.

I await your response.


Richard Twumasi – Oracle Business Development Director –

Origin Forward Solutions –

 +44 (0) 20 3239 5450 or +44 7525 055 380

Oracle Retail SIM Technical Consultant & Oracle Retail SIM Functional Consultant Opportunities

Oracle partners with the world’s leading retail companies to transform the economics of their business. From supply chain, operations, merchandising, store systems, optimisation and information technology solutions, Oracle Retail is the single source for innovative and comprehensive industry solutions – enabling organisations to serve their customers better by applying insight into daily business decisions for more profitable results.

We currently require Oracle Retail SIM Consultants for a number of opportunities globally.

Opportunity 1 – Oracle Retail SIM Functional & Technical Consultant – United Kingdom – Contract – Competitive Rate – 5 months contract – Immediate Start

Opportunity 2 – Oracle Retail SIM Techno-Functional Consultant – United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Permanent – Competitive Salary – Immediate Start

Opportunity 3 – Oracle Retail SIM Consultant – Germany – Permanent – Competitive Salary – Immediate Start

Opportunity 4 – Oracle Retail SIM Consultant – United States – Permanent – Competitive Salary – Immediate Start

To find out more about these opportunities such as exact location, exact rate available and what the exact requirement and job functions would be in these roles and also to express an interest in any of the above positions mail your resume to or contact Richard Twumasi directly on +44 20 3239 5450 or +44 7525 055 380 to discuss further.

Richard Twumasi

Oracle Business Development Director

Origin Forward Solutions
Email –
Twitter ID:

Oracle Retail Market Recovery

Most contractors will tell you that in the past 12 months the contract market has taken a battering. As end clients have down-sized their teams or delayed projects this has recently led to a temporary excess in talent in the market which has had the knock-on effect of driving down rates for contractors by as much as 33%.

Well the good news is that the worst days seem to be behind us. That is if we are to believe this recession is a “V” type recession and not a “W” type recession.

According to Apsco, Association of Professional Staffing Companies, The US staffing market will resume growth by 2010, following an unprecedented 26% fall in turnover in a single year (from a turnover of $126 billion in 2008 to $93 billion in 2009). However, the long term outlook for the US staffing industry is highly positive, APSCo delegates were told, with growth of 18.9% forecast from 2006-16, significantly above the average growth rate of 10.4% for all sectors of the economy.

Combine the above press release with the research in the UK from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) whom found “marginal increases” in appointments in August. Things are looking positive for professional jobseekers across the globe. However, before contractors go and add 50% to your current daily rate and jump back into the job market pleading your worth. The research also added that it was too early to say whether the encouraging figures signalled an end to the recession.

The good news is that with France, Germany and Japan recently officially announcing the end to their recessions. There is a definite feeling that employers are beginning to have more confidence in their hiring plans and committing to their recruitment and growth plans. In the UK for example, Britain’s employers are reporting improved recruitment plans for the first time in three years, offering a “glimmer of hope” to jobseekers that next year promises to be a good year for contractors.

Also at Origin Forward our recruitment team has seen a 33% increase in job orders in the past month alone in the Oracle Retail global market. With opportunities arising in both the permanent and contract markets in countries across the globe from the UAE, United States, Netherlands, South Africa, India, Australia, China as well as the UK and Ireland.

The global recession has effected the Oracle Retail market hugely in the past 12 months. The Oracle Retail product is such a niche product with a limited amount of professionals and it is quite common for professionals in this market to work and bounce between continents from one project to the next.

However the past 12 months(2008/2009) have been slow in comparison to 2006 and we have seen a number of seasoned professionals move from the contract market after failing to secure a new contract to permanent roles for the security of permanent work in these uncertain times.

Also 2009 has also seen key system integrators who were or have been key players in the Oracle Retail market over the past 5 or so years, who were capable of delivering a complete Oracle Retail solution, completly downsizing their Oracle Retail practice and personnel. This has paved the way in the past year for smaller boutique consultancies offering specialisms in specific modules only and new larger consultancies entering the market who have not previously delivered Oracle Retail projects. It will definately be an interesting Oracle Retail climate next year and I envisage alot more partnerships between Primary System Integrators and smaller boutique consultancies who have the expertise and experience.

The bottom line is with the economy looking odds on for a recovery projects can go ahead, employers can begin to recruit with confidence and contractors who are not in the niche areas of Oracle Retail and Oracle eBusiness in general can also look forward to a return to post recession rates.

Also employers who converted contractors to permanent staff may face a battle to keep on to their staff as more opportunities arise in the market and their staff begin to get itchy feet knowing they could be earning twice as much in a contract role.

Lets hope 2010 is a good year.

Recruitment Cartels

Recruitment Cartels

The story which caught the eye of the Origin office last week was that of the Office of Fair Trading fining 6 recruitment companies a combined total of £39.27 million for price-fixing. With leading recruitment organisation Hays being fined a staggering amount of £30,359,129 for its part in the cartel.

The companies had formed a group called “The Construction Recruitment Forum” after  Parc UK, who were operating a managed service on behalf of a client, had placed downward pressure on the allied recruiters’ margins.

To think the result is a fine in this region, serves as a warning for other recruitment companies who are looking to artificially keep prices high.

However, we can’t help thinking that this fine seems a little over excessive and the fact that 2 of the 8 recruitment companies got off completely scott free for giving information against their own cartel beggars disbelief especially when you take in to account the recruitment companies that revealed the activities of the cartel were actually the worst offenders in the cartel and would’ve been fined more than the £30 million Hays were fined.

The crazy world we live in. To be honest we cannot see why Parc needed the other recruitment companies in the first place, if those companies chose not to work with Parc then Parc should have filled their vacancies without them.

A recruitment company has the choice to work with the clients they want to work with and not work with the companies they do not want to work with. If a particular client does not want to pay for the service you are delivering then you both have the option of walking away or doing business.

What surprises me is that Parc can offer a managed service solution but not have the manpower or expertise to deliver on their solution and needed the help of external parties. We are however commenting with the limited facts we have available  so as is often the case the information released is not the full picture.

Price-Fixing however is an unforgivable business act, which distorts competition and always results in the end customer losing out. The outcome of this episode is a lose lose situation for all parties involved, the recruitment companies, the managed service provider, the end client and the candidates who didn’t get the opportunity which isn’t exactly what our industry needs now or ever.

Which brings us to our last point, even though this all happened in the construction industry, don’t you wonder if something similar could be going on in the IT industry?

We’re under the same pricing pressures and providing a similar service. Lets hope not and if there were after the fines seen in last weeks incident they probably broke up their cartels rather quickly.

Lastly, a note to the accountant at Hays who has got the unenviable take of balancing their books.

Origin Forward Blog – The Beginning

Welcome to The Origin Forward Solutions Blog.

Origin Forward Solutions is a recruitment company specialising in the recruitment of Oracle Professionals worldwide. This blog is created with a number of aims but mainly to keep Oracle Professionals, Oracle Employers, Recruitment Professionals (of all disciplines), HR and Industry experts up to date on the recruitment world today.

(1) Candidates –  We aim to offer advice and information on a range of subjects such as Job Hunting, Interview Techniques, Salary Surveys, Career Advice, Headhunting and anything else that effects a modern day professional in the Oracle market.

(2) Employers – Our aim is to offer advice and information on Corporate Branding, Recruitment Strategies, Keeping your best staff, Salary Surveys, How to market your company? etc.

(3) Recruitment Professionals –  We know the market we work in and we understand that recruiters today are seen more as a necessary evil rather than professionals offering a service solution that our clients need. We hope to strike up debates such as the effect of social media on the recruitment market, why some contractors resent recruitment consultants?, How we can improve the service we deliver to the professionals we represent and the employers we provide a service to? Down To more mundane topics such how to plan your day. Basically all matters relating to recruitment consultants and the recruitment world we work in.

(4) Industry Experts –  We hope to offer updates on whats currently happening in the current market and the implications of the current goings on, we’ll also keep you updated on the latest at Origin Forward and news and reviews of the events we go to both industry and recruitment.

I hope you enjoy this blog our aim is to add value to the industries we work in. Everyone here at Origin reads blogs and we’ll be linking to stories we’ve seen in the blogging media as well as the traditional media.

Stay with Us.

From the marketing team @ Origin Forward Solutions

The Blog Navigatior

About Us

Origin Forward Solutions is leading Oracle recruitment company. We resource Oracle ERP and Oracle Business Intelligence professionals for projects across the world. This blog is to give an insight into the recruitment world, the oracle market and any other factor that impacts the prior. Enjoy reading the blog and don't be shy to leave comments

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